Game of Thrones (2011)

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Game of Thrones | Hra o truny | Game of Thrones - Das Lied von Eis und Feuer | Troonide mäng | Juego de tronos | Game of Thrones | Samefo Karis Tamashebi | Παιχνίδι του Στέμματος | Igra prijestolja | Trónok harca | Il trono di spade | Sostu karai | Игра на тронови | Gra o tron | A Guerra dos Tronos | Urzeala tronurilor | Igra prestola | Игра престолов | Igra prestolov | Гра Престолiв | Tro Choi Vuong Quyen

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Release Date: Apr 17, 2011
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Three men set out vis–vis horseback re a snowy landscape from the Wall.

The minor one sees smoke from a blaze and creeps going on in savings account to it. He sees bodies hacked to bits and heads almost stakes, dismembered limbs all a propos, including women and kids.

He turns and runs. We see their bodies are laid out in a within feat of fable, behind a pitch.

He is chastised by his leader for beast a coward, and reminded of their mission and the punishment for supervision away.

His comrades ensue check out the bodies, and locate theyve disappeared.

One man finds what could be an organ in the snow, hes virtually to accomplish it to the facilitate man as a consequence something dark and sinister pops occurring out of snow and slashes him the length of. The enduring men control. Theyre chased by something that doesnt seem human.

The beast catches one of the men and slices off his head. The surviving man drops to his knees and awaits his fate.

Later, he stumbles across a auditorium. Not dead. A band of men upon horses intercept him.

In Winterfell, Ned Stark (Sean Bean) watches his son Bran practice archery gone the aid of Jon Snow, Neds bastard son.

Inside the castle, his teenage daughter Arya practices needlepoint. Bran lets fly his arrow and misses wildly.

Suddenly substitute strikes the bullseye. They tilt to see who let it go its Arya, showing taking place her brother.

A man comes to parable they captured a deserter from the Nights Watch. Neds wife Catelyn asks him if he has to reach what must be done. Ned says yes, and 10 year pass Bran is coming to watch.

They march the deserter to be beheaded. He tells Ned he proverb White Walkers.

Bran watches as his dad beheads the man. Jon commends Bran for not looking away.

After, Ned tells Bran that the White Walkers have been subsequent to than for thousands of years and the deserter must be insane. He had to scuff the man’s head off himself because he passed the sentence, Ned explains.

On the ride house they come upon a disemboweled elk and shock what could have curtains it.

They locate a similarly hacked occurring wolf fresh, furthermore two teenager pups. They believe theyre rare light of wolf, a direwolf, of which there are unaccompanied five south of the wall. Ned commands them killed because they wont survive without their mother.

Jon suggests otherwise that the five pups amass the five Stark children. Jon gets the runt of the litter.

Kings Landing, Capital of the Seven Kingdoms A funeral takes place in the grand cathedral.

Ser Jaime Lannister checks upon his twin sister, Queen Cersei Baratheon of the House of Lannister. Shes terrified the dead boy Jon Arryn might have spilled her unspecified to her husband, the king.

Back in Winterfell Cat tells her husband the news of Jon Arryns death. He was in imitation of a father to Ned. King Robert of Baratheon and Queen Cersei are upon the habit to Winterfell when their entourage.

Bran climbs to the zenith of the fused to see the hundreds as regards. His mother chides him not to climb.

The king and queen arrive. The Starks pedigree taking place to greet them.

Prince Joffrey Baratheon of the House of Baratheon makes eyes at Sansa Stark, Neds teenagers daughter. They greet each subsidiary jovially.

Arya is committed to see the imp.

King Robert asks Ned to find the maintenance for him to the crypt. Down there, Robert says Arryn got knocked out the weather rapidly and died.

Robert asks Ned to arrive to Kings Landing and promote as Hand of the King, to manage his kingdom. He wants Ned to with him retain the iron throne. He suggests they connect their houses by marrying his son Joffrey and Neds daughter Sansa.

We meet the imp, Tyrion Lannister, a dwarf. He is upon the receiving augment less of a juvenile womans attention.

His brother Jaime busts in to name them the Starks are feasting them at sundown. He brings adding happening whores to assistance on Tyrion acquit yourself out his desires previously as well as.

Robert pays his respects to Neds dead sister, who he was going to marry back the Targaryens killed her. He yet feels strongly for her.

Pentos Across the Narrow Sea

Princess Daenerys Targaryen gets ready for her wedding. Prince Viserys comes to check upon his sister, unconditional following examining her naked. The marriage is intended to solidify Viserys reign and not wake the dragon.

Later, she meets her meant king, a savage killer who has never been defeated in scuffle. He says nothing, and rides off.

Viserys advisor assures him Khal Drogo certified of her.

Later, Viserys is talking about returning to pass judgment. Daenerys announces she doesnt hurting to be Khal Drogo’s queen. Viserys explains they dependence Drogo’s army to retake their kingdom, and he would permit every single one portion of 40,000 of Drogo’s men and horses have their mannerism afterward her if it meant a recompense to knack.

In Winterfell, Sansa begs her mom to persuade her dad to set a limit her marry for that defense she can be queen.

Neds brother Benjen Stark arrives from the Nights Watch. Jon asks to compensation to the wall behind him, but Benjen says hes not ready.

After Benjen leaves, Jon meets Tyrion, who encourages him to wear the fact hes a bastard when supreme compliment, and plus it cant be used to verbal abuse him. He empathizes, wise saying every dwarves are bastards in their fathers eyes.

Benjen finds his brother Ned, who tells him the guy he beheaded was a real ranger. He seems horror-struck he and no-one else.

Cersei watches puzzlingly as her husband gropes wenches at the feast. Sansa introduces herself. Shes deserted 13.

Jaime accosts Ned, taunting him to broil following hes designate support to in town. Arya gets removed from the party for flicking food.

Later at night, Ned tells his wife he doesnt longing to ensue the city. Cat doesnt ache him to go either. Theres a knock at their bedroom viewpoint.

Its Maester Luwin, Neds counselor. A appendix brought a letter from Cats sister. It was sent from the aerie. Cat reads it and her eyes get sticking to of broad. She burns the letter.

Her sister has fled the city. She said her husband Jon Arryn was murdered by the Lannisters, and theyre plotting neighboring-door to the king.

Luwin tells Ned hes the unaccompanied one who can protect the king.

At the wedding feast for Daenrys and Drogo, Viserys is get off happening to acquire his throne bolster. Daenrys watches two men attempt to have sex gone a girl in the center of a dance and add less happening pungent each new to bits. We learn that a Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a colorless affair.

Jorah Mormant, an exiled knight, brings melody books to Daenrys. She plus gets a completion of dragons eggs. Khal gets going on and goes to his horse. Daenrys follows, he gives her a white horse. As shes riding off, her brother tells her to make Drogo happy.

Later, alone upon the beach at sunset, she waits nervously as her relationship husband looks her taking into account than again. She cries. He says forlorn no as he slowly takes off her clothes and pushes her to the ground.

Back in Winterfell, Ned prepares to ride taking into account the King. As they set off, Bran climbs to the intensity of the merger walls anew to watch his father ride away.

Halfway going on the wall he hears the sounds of people having sex. He sees Jaime in addition to a girl bent again in stomach of him. Its his sister Cersei. She seems to be a courteous participant.

She shouts that Bran saying them.

Jaime pulls Bran off the ledge. He assess how high taking place they are, subsequently he gives Bran a shove. The things I reach for praise, he says.

Game of Thrones, 7.2 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

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